1st Take A bow insider(Frmr Browns Running Back) Ernie Green



FAD Seasons 1st Take A Bow Insider!

Ernie Green(Frmr Browns Running Back) BCA Take a Bow insider: http://youtu.be/ZG3A2r_pdBE Survival is not an easy job! So we really want Mr. Green to take a bow! Not only because you beat your battle with Breast Cancer but because your not afraid to share your story. Inspiring the community to be proactive with our health! Ernie declares that we should be actively searching to find out if breast cancer has prevelance in our families history. Thats right, since you men in a lot of cases take better care of your car health then your own, I decided to dedicate this Months Insider to you! Avoidance with your health is a trend that has to STOP!!!! You guys pay just as much attention to your girlfriends polish change or new hair style as much as your health, which is equally important (Juuust kiddiiiing). In this case you have seen the glory of what chemotherapy and an abundance of support from family can do. You guys dislike the doctors office right? Well take the prevenative approach to health. Just think of all the good you can do your body if you got your annual physical exams, ate healthy got your proper rest while cutting down on your drug and alcohol consumtion.  If you dont know what the studies say: They suggest that by avoiding diets that are high in refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar but  higher in  fruits and green leafy vegetables you can minimize your chances of cancer and other health ailments by a very large amount. Im gonna leave the fitness discalaimer out because men are generally in better physical shape then women!;);)👍👍If not its never too late! Which reverts me back to say this, you males have to get out and get your           MAN O GRAMS
just like women these days because breast cancer is impacting you more and more and just because you are athletic it doesn’t mean that you are exempt from probing and being proactive in your health! Thanks for hanging out! Feel free to leave comments! Peace!


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