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We made it through our BCA Fad Fury month!!! We also would like to thank anyone for their participation who supported our tshirt sale and raffles.

Now for the fun part!

The 2014 Fad Fury Breast Cancer Awarness raffle winners are

(Green Ticket)

3rd 509508
$10.00 giftcard to Cosmic Subs

2nd 509445 $25.00
gift certificate to 87 West

1st 509127

(Caught in Pink Ticket)

Dawn Langhorn will recieve a 25 dollar gift certificate to 87 west located in Westlake.

We will be doing a prize claim one night only at Take 5 restaurant on Wednesday November 5th, 2014.
Please bring your ticket

Even if you don’t win please stop by im looking forward to meeting you again! It will be a good time!





Did you watch FAD Seasons recent Take a Bow BCA insider on youtube???

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Music cred. goes to up and coming artist
ATARI JONES. A Native of Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised in the shaker area. He started doing music at a young age.1st with poetry then expanding to music once he started listening to the radio. Atari’s sound is unique, a mixture of techno, dub-step, chill-wave, trance, hip-hop, Old-school rap, 90’s influence, and alternative trap. He has recently signed a recording deal with upcoming Chicago label



Get the full version of  his Girl With the Tatoo mix here:

Follow his sound cloud at

1st Take A bow insider(Frmr Browns Running Back) Ernie Green



FAD Seasons 1st Take A Bow Insider!

Ernie Green(Frmr Browns Running Back) BCA Take a Bow insider: Survival is not an easy job! So we really want Mr. Green to take a bow! Not only because you beat your battle with Breast Cancer but because your not afraid to share your story. Inspiring the community to be proactive with our health! Ernie declares that we should be actively searching to find out if breast cancer has prevelance in our families history. Thats right, since you men in a lot of cases take better care of your car health then your own, I decided to dedicate this Months Insider to you! Avoidance with your health is a trend that has to STOP!!!! You guys pay just as much attention to your girlfriends polish change or new hair style as much as your health, which is equally important (Juuust kiddiiiing). In this case you have seen the glory of what chemotherapy and an abundance of support from family can do. You guys dislike the doctors office right? Well take the prevenative approach to health. Just think of all the good you can do your body if you got your annual physical exams, ate healthy got your proper rest while cutting down on your drug and alcohol consumtion.  If you dont know what the studies say: They suggest that by avoiding diets that are high in refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar but  higher in  fruits and green leafy vegetables you can minimize your chances of cancer and other health ailments by a very large amount. Im gonna leave the fitness discalaimer out because men are generally in better physical shape then women!;);)👍👍If not its never too late! Which reverts me back to say this, you males have to get out and get your           MAN O GRAMS
just like women these days because breast cancer is impacting you more and more and just because you are athletic it doesn’t mean that you are exempt from probing and being proactive in your health! Thanks for hanging out! Feel free to leave comments! Peace!

Fall is upon us FAD Season is amoung us



Though a third of the way gone it was a bit slow pokey. Filled with things that make you think repeatedly about the world we live in and whats becoming of it.

Whats becoming of us?

Im not asking from the eyes of a educated, slightly vain, 25 year old woman with no children. Im asking from a soul deeply rooted in the muck of what holds us back from being what we are truely capable of! Some may like to argue about what exactly that may be.

You think its other races, you think its your haters, the opposite sex, your kids, your job, holidays, “friends”, “family”.


On behalf of FAD Season I would like to extend understanding about the concept of mastering yourself and emotions. Stop allowing those subjects to get in the way of your peace and happiness. NO ONE IS PERFECT!
However, you can start changing the community and whats going on around you and even your successful by not allowing yourself to be emotionally drawn to turmoil. Then you can operate at your max and find happiness in these things. It will help you to be of service for what ever community you wish.

I believe this emotional contol is what we lack today. Our lifestyle is a clear indication that this is something we need to get back in the rythm of.  So the question can change into an exclamation of puposeful pride. “Look at what we became!”

A new follower asked us,

“how are we supposed to take a fashionable approach to solving our problems?”

My initial response encouraged the young man to check out our blog.

My second response,

One of the ways is to be verbal about the diffrent disturbences in your community. In Fashion, we all have our own styles, be apart of the change in your own dynamic way no one way is better then the next! Co- exist, operate out of love and compassion for one another. Thats the “in FAD” right now. Support!

But I forgot to mention the aforementioned concept of mastering your emotions. Im not speaking from a pros eyes either! I do believe however, that if you could turn those slightly elated egos off…look at the world through diffrent eyes and really practice emotional control. Not only would you understand your emotions, but others as well. You’d begin to change your daily routines, you’d find your pupose and means to an end  or what you deem as a problem. Maybe even a road map to get around the road block.

I just want you all to know that life is your runway! You better #werk!

F R E E or Low-Cost screenings


Are You Eligible for Free or Low-Cost Screenings?

If you are a women or male you are at risk for breast cancer but regular screenings can prevent or detect these diseases early!  Discuss with your health care provider how often you should get screened.

Some government agencies provide breast and cervical cancer screenings as well as diagnostic services to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women and men across the United States.

            You may be qualified if

***you are between 40 and 64 years of age for breast cancer screening.
***you have no insurance, it doesn’t cover screening exams.
***Your yearly income is at or below 250% of the federal poverty level.

To find out if you qualify for a free or low-cost mammogram and Pap test and where to get screened, call:
   1 (800) 4-CANCER

If you do not fit the age requirements you should still perform monthly self exams after age 20 according to Suzan G. Komen.

FAD Seasons caught in pink contestants so far


This month is Breast Cancer Awarness month for FAD Season. If you get caught in pink for the month you will get a free raffle ticket We are looking For your Breast Cancer memoirs. Share them in the Comments section of this Post.



JUSTIN!!!! YAAAS (Yes)!!!! Doing it in his new Pink Beauty coat. We 💕💕💕 his new new look for Jus Dunn Beauty.
  & Mary Kay! Look for him and his pink coat the entire Month of October, he will be doing Shop for the Cause specials he is also one of our featured sponsers for the month!


We caught this hard worker shopping in Forever 21 in her pink scrub thanks for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!


This Breast Cancer Awarness watch we found at Guess is EVERYTHING! & We mean EVERYTHING! It’s Only $100.00 and all proceeds go to Suzan G. KOMEN foundation for Breast Cancer if you would like to have it share this post, and leave your comment.




We found  these awsome Breast Cancer Awarness displays at Beachwood Mall that featured items from their stores. It’s a great thing to see their supportive spirit.



                  💘They are adorable! 💘



We caught this one working, hanging, and supporting yes all three…The kind of balance we can all learn to use.


They say true Grace & Beauty never fades! Support the cause be beautiful forever!!!


If your experience any of these symptoms or changes please schedule your mamogram as soon as possible!